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'briar' design

'briar' design

'briar' Custom Portrait

From the ‘Dream Guides’ Series

This elepant is your dream keeper…your guardian..your kindred spirit. Assigned to protect and guide, to watch over you while you sleep. The Elephant symbolises tremendous strength, honour and wisdom. Exuding an air of confidence, yet always gentle and calm.

Ancient civilizations have always believed in the power of spirit animals and their ability to serve as our protectors, guides and companions.

Antique laces, hand embossed onto 300gsm European paper with archival inks. 

Please note - All designs are shown on the website with the generic face and this embossing however the portraits will be painted exactly from a photograph of your child. 

This design can fit a front on or side profile face.

Portrait is 30 x 40cm to fit standard frames.