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'blossom' design

'blossom' design

'Blossom' Design' Custom Portrait

This is a timeless and classic design, you will be sure to love for years to come.

A little posy of wildflowers in piggy tails.

Antique laces, hand embossed onto 300gsm European paper. 

Portrait is A3 to fit standard sized frames.


Customer Reviews

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Renee (Lolly's Mummy)

ITS AMAZING! It's so magical....Seriously love it so much.

Zara (Georgia's Grandma)

Thanks so much Colleen. Youve done an amazing job, shes gorgeous. I cant wait to gift it to them.It is so perfect. You are just so exceptional and compassionate and capture the essence of all the little ones you draw.I hope you will get to draw many more of my grand babies in the future.Again you are AMAZING!

Michelle (Teddy's Mummy )

You definitely brought out that sparkle out of his eyes and it has comforted me in so so many ways! That sparkle and that face you have beautifully painted makes me feel like he is finally happy and free. I look at his portrait and I am so grateful and so happy knowing he is always there with me. Thank you again Col. There are no words to tell you how much this means to me. You are amazing .


I would also like to thank you for making the entire process a beautiful one, through your kindness, thoughtful honest approach and unmeasured patience. I will definitely be back for another set of portraits of my kiddies when the time comes.

Natalie (Isabella's Mummy)

Oh Col, Our sweet Isabella is so peaceful and absolutely perfect! You have made us so happy seeing her in this dreamy way. Looking at her beautiful little face without imperfections made me burst into tears and to imagine her looking exactly like this up in heaven brings me some peace. You will never understand how grateful we are for you and your amazing talent and the love and care you pour into making our little girl so heavenly. Thank you is just not enough and we cannot wait to hang this beautiful picture in our home so Isabellas big sisters and the rest of our loved ones can honour and treasure her forever xx