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'horse whisperer' print

'horse whisperer' print
'horse whisperer' print

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'Horse whisperer'

From the ‘Dream Guides’ Series

The ‘Horse Whisperer’ is your dream keeper…your guardian..your kindred spirit. Assigned to protect and guide, to watch over you while you sleep. She is a magical and mystical creature. Feeling your energy, sensing your nature- win her trust and she will take you to lands of wonderment and enchantment galore.

Ancient civilizations have always believed in the power of spirit animals and their ability to serve as our protectors, guides and companions.

Quote on this artwork- "Climb every mountain, Ford every stream, Follow every rainbow, Til you find your dream". 

Hand embossed antique laces on luxury European Fine Art paper. Printed using archival inks.

30 x 40cm prints to fit standard sized frames.