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Creating magical

Childhood Memories

Childhood is fleeting

Let's make it magical!


Do you remember the excitement of receiving your very own snail mail as a child?

Recreate that same magic for your fairy lover with this year-long, letter subscription from the Dreamkeeper Fairies. 

The fairies share boundless wisdom, passing on magical secrets to captivate, spark imaginations, and inspire big dreams...

PLUS Included in each of the 12 letters is a small gift to extend the fun.  Thoughtfully designed by an early years teacher. 



Gift a fairy lover this 12 month personal snail mail experience and watch their faces light up! Ignite their imagination, creativity and inspire quality moments connecting to nature... AND of course, nurture a love for reading. 

100% guarantee you'll love it or cancel anytime. 

For the last three years I have been meticulously painting fairies and bringing their mystical world to life... and now it's your child's chance to enter the realm and learn about the magic through their love letters!  

Each month a different fairy will whisk you away on a wondrous journey through the Dreamkeeper fairy realm. You'll discover magical ways to care for nature and those around you- just like they do! 

Explore themes like friendship, kindness and bravery....And amidst it all, immerse yourself in the practice of magic mindfulness to develop a positive growth mindset and self confidence. 

Perfect to inspire the imagination and develop a love of reading.




You want to create magical childhood memories for your child. Your child will be transported into a land of magic - AND into their own imaginations.


You want to nurture their development and foster a love for reading. Inspiring imaginative play and creative thinking- it will ignite their senses and encourage them to observe, question and wonder. 



You want screen-free, nostalgic fun encouraging them to connect with nature. Wholesome prompts that encourage them to explore and imagine outside- who doesn't want that!



LOVE LETTERS FROM FAIRIES is a culmination of my art and everything I’ve learnt in my 15+ years of teaching (I even won an award for it!). I know little people- what they love and how they learn.

The research is clear. Imaginative play and creative thinking are disappearing as a result of overpacked curriculums and over scheduled afternoons. In this digital and disposable world, anxious children are absorbing information from devices rather than creating or imagining. 

Why? Because life is busy and adulting is hard… BUT I have taken the hard out of it for you.

I wanted to rescue moments from the chaos and inspire those special moments we live for…

Watching their faces light up with wonder and seeing them simply joyful - while also nurturing their development AND fostering a love of reading.

BUT most of all, I hope the letters deliver the gift of magical childhood memories.

Col x 

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Step into the magic...



I just love watching how excited she gets when she see's the letter is there. You've created something so special x

Marissa, Gracie's mummy

It is truly the most beautiful thing!! Harriette's face lit up the entire process. Such a wonderful idea, thank you for creating! x It is so magical!!! She is still playing with her fairy things every single day.

Cindy, Harriette's mummy

The most magical fairy letter, both my girls thought it was amazing and seeing them both captured in the magic of the words was really special.

Kelly, Evie's mummy

"This is incredible. My daughters absolutely loved it and so did I. Such special moments and memories together".

Belle, mummy to Isabella and Sophia

Holy Moly, every detail about this is spectacular. The gold sticker on the envelope and the fairy mail stamp. It's stunning... She takes her envelope and letter everywhere to remind us she got a special letter.

Nat, Mia's mummy

I was so shocked to open the letter. Mum laughed cause I squealed when I saw the little gold bag. I read the letter every night before bed.