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Sonny's Angels Portraits

From time to time extra special requests come our way from families who have lost a child through sickness, an accident or as a stillborn or newborn death. These precious pieces are our Sonny’s Angels and we always prioritise these orders and will find you a position whenever you require. We feel so privileged to work with families on these treasured keepsakes and to represent the everlasting love a parent has for their child.

Sonny’s Angels can choose from any of our custom portrait design range and we have a few specific angel designs too. We can work with any photos you have to capture the spirit and the likeness of your special Angel to the best of our ability (we can remove chords etc).

We also have our 'Guardian Angel' prints here  for those looking to purchase for a loved one or their own families who are dealing with a loss. You can request to have the child's name written on the print. Vouchers are also available at any amount for those friends and family who would like to contribute to a custom portrait. x