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Introducing the 'Dreamkeeper Fairies'- a collection of hand painted and hand embossed fine art prints, decals and Fairy Fun Club gift sets.

Created to spark imaginations and inspire big (and sweet) dreams. 

Transforming spaces, adding a little luxe and magic within minutes. The decals have been created to collect and mix and match. To nurture imaginative play and creativity- move them around many times to create new adventures and worlds.

Meticulously handmade with the highest quality materials, the collection is filled with magic, texture, romanticism... and a whole lot of heart and soul!

What's special about one sonny day?

In the era of generic digital art and mass production, I like to take the path less travelled. 

My prints are meticulously hand embossed - an age old printing technique dating back to the 1400's. I emboss (or press) precious pieces of European antique lace into beautiful French paper- a truly exquisite marriage of textures. 

My pieces are all hand painted using watercolours, pencils and pastels. Each artwork full of symbolism and details inspired by 15+ years as a Prep teacher.

It’s what I imagine inside a child’s mind to look like- pure and simply magical … fluttering butterflies in fields of flowers, dancing fairies floating in bubbles, each fairy adorning the most beautiful bouquet of flowers on their heads.

I wanted to create beautiful art that transforms spaces BUT also use my expertise in early years education to inspire creativity and immerse them in imaginative play - because that’s how children learn. 

Mindful and original art for a reason, not a season. Something special to love for years to come...

To inspire, treasure and lull your children to sleep- magic awaits....


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