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Once upon a time there was a magical kingdom of childhood. It was made of hopes and dreams- a beautiful world of wonderment and make-believe. But if you blinked, it would vanish ...

Your portrait is a time capsule! A way to press pause and travel back to when your child was simply joyous and quintessentially happy. When their innocent eyes sparkled and their chubby cheeks could be smooched for daaayzz. A simple time, when hugs made everything better!

Hi 👋 I’m Col and I spend my days painting little people. I’m mum to Sonny and Jagger and before starting OSD, I spent 15 years as a Prep teacher and children’s entertainer/ clown/ magician. Little people are my jam!

Established in 2013, One Sonny Day has certainly evolved over the years but at the heart, it remains the same- capturing the magic of childhood and the spirit of your little one. The final artwork is always filled with light, texture, romanticism ... and a whole lot of heart and soul!

My pieces are the perfect keepsake to forever spark joy. Meticulously handmade to inspire nostalgia... and to treasure for years to come. I hope they warm your heart like a perfect sunny day x

Meet the Team

Business Director


Bridget never dreamed of owning an art studio – in fact art was the only subject she has ever failed. Rest assured she will never pick up a paint brush or pencil being much more comfortable in front of a spreadsheet, on the phone or in an accounting system!  After 15 years working around the world in Senior HR and Management roles she thought her career path was set – and then two little girls turned her life upside down.

Following the arrival of Evie and Harriet she has traded the travel and the 80hour weeks for a home office, no shoes and school pick ups and has never been happier. Seeing Col’s extraordinary talent early on it was easy to see the business opportunity and managing the operations, stockists and schedule is as fun as it gets for a business geek! Seeing One Sonny Day grow and expand across the country and into international waters is the goal that keeps driving her.

Customer Service Extraordinaire


Megan is there to guide you through the custom portrait process. A Mum of two she has also traded a busy career for a work/life balance and is a pro at helping our amazing customers find the right photo and design for their little cherub.

Nothing is ever too much of a problem for Megan and she strives to make every portrait the perfect piece for the recipient. Always on the other end of the email or a quick phone call away One Sonny Day would fall apart without her driving the custom portrait process and keeping everyone on track.

Art Assistant


Lilli is a mini-version of Col! Finishing school in 2016 she is a breath of fresh air and as well as keeping us entertained with her social activities (and reminding us how OLD we are) she is an amazingly talented artist. Learning all the tools of the trade from Col she is becoming a master embosser and picking up many techniques to assist with aspects of the custom portrait process. She also does the myriad of jobs we throw at her with a smile and to the best of her ability.

It is so exciting to be training up a young artist and seeing her talents flourish from week to week as she develops her skills and starts to embrace the One Sonny Day style.