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Once upon a time there was a magical kingdom of childhood. It was made of hopes and dreams- a beautiful world of wonderment and make-believe. But if you blinked, it would vanish...

Your portrait is a time capsule. A way to press pause and travel back to that magical time when your child was simply joyous. Their childhood face immortalised in paint - innocent eyes full of wonder and their chubby cheeks that could be smooched for daaayzz.

Hi, I’m Col and I spend my days breathing life back into your treasured memories through paint. I have been a portrait artist for 11 years with over 3000 portraits now completed.

I’m mum to Sonny and Jagger and before starting OSD, I spent over 15 years as a Prep teacher and children’s entertainer/ clown/ magician. Little people are my jam!

It's not just all about portraits though...

Painting portraits is how I relax but I was often feeling burnt out....especially with the demands of my angel portraits. 

So I began painting something purely for pleasure in my free time.... and well, over the years my fairy friends have emerged -bursting with personality and charm.  

Why fairies? Perhaps they evoke cherished childhood memories for me, or maybe they're a bittersweet tribute to the daughter I so longed for, but never got to hold.

With two boys who were obsessed with superheroes and soccer, I realised the fairy magic might never find its way into my home... but I wanted it to find a place in yours...

So now you can shop Fairy Prints, Decals, the Love Letters From Fairies Subscription and the Fairy Fun Club.


 Celebrating 10 Years! 

Established in 2013, One Sonny Day has certainly evolved over the years but at the heart, it remains the same- celebrating the magic of childhood. 

In an era of generic digital art, AI and mass production, I like to take the path less travelled- everything is lovingly made by hand.

Each piece is hand painted using watercolours, pencils and splashings of pastel. Each artwork, full of symbolism and intricate detail. 

I meticulously hand emboss my prints and portraits- an aged old printing technique dating back to the 1400's. I emboss (or press) precious pieces of European antique lace into luxurious French paper- a truly exquisite marriage of textures. 

Whether it's a portrait or some fairy fun, it's always radiating light, romanticism... and a whole lot of heart and soul.

My pieces are the perfect gifts to spark joy. Meticulously handmade to inspire, delight, treasure and lull your children to sleep. I hope they warm your heart like a perfect sunny day.

Col x

      To meet me in the flesh, watch this video here .
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