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Why does it cost so much? I've seen someone cheaper!

For those of you not familiar with my work and business, my portraits are not simply a digital portrait where a photo has been manipulated to look like and ‘claimed’ to be painted, drawn etc.  My portraits are hand painted and meticulously hand embossed with antique, European laces. They take many hours to create and have taken many years to learn and master the skills.

I import my beautiful French paper and I use archival quality materials. All pieces are handmade by me with my heart and soul. The prices are very carefully calculated.

I rarely have to make changes and consult with you along the way. You have to approve the drawing before the next $160+GST payment is made, and the final payment is only due once you have seen the final portrait and absolutely love it.

I am passionate, meticulous and determined to create a portrait that will be a beautiful keepsake, treasured for years to come. I hope that helps you understand a little more about my portraits.

If you haven't seen the video about the portrait process, check it out here x

What if I can't afford it now?

To soften the financial pressure, Portraits are broken into 3 payments- a $75 deposit, $160 when you approve the drawing and $160 once you are completely happy at the end. (Please note GST is not included in the pricing).

I also offer Afterpay, Paypal, Credit Card and Bank Transfer as payment methods. 

If it isn't the right time now, simply sign up to the waitlist here to be notified when I open my books next year.

Can I have more than one child on a piece?

I only do one face on an artwork for several reasons: 

* The materials used are archival so they can be passed down to your children one day. 

* You can hang them individually or together as they grow. 

* You may have more children.

* You can choose a design/ flower crown to suit their personality.

* The main reason though is because they just look so much better. If you had to fit more than one on the page, the detail and beauty is just lost. It takes a similar amount of time anyway and if you’re going to pay for a portrait, it should be something you absolutely love every time you see it! It is worth the investment.


Are your Books Closed or can I order now?

Due to high demand, I open my books twice a year with a limited number of Portrait spots available for Mother's Day and Xmas orders. My  waitlist always receive priority booking. You can join the waitlist here 

If there are any spots left over, it will let you book here for $75 +GST. 

Please let me know if you want a portrait for a special date already booked out and I will see if I can accommodate you. 

I take my Sonny's Angel Portrait bookings at any time. You can read more about my Angel Portraits here  x 

Should I order an artwork now for a birthday, unborn baby or a gift later in the year?

Yes! I am always booked for months in advance so please get in early to ensure it can be completed in time. If you want a portrait for a special occasion that I am already booked out for, please email me and I will see if I am able to accommodate you.

How do I choose a photo?

I will email you a week before your cycle begins to request a photo and your design. I need a high resolution, close up photograph of your child’s face. To ensure I capture your child’s true essence, please choose a good quality photograph- one that melts your heart, is a true reflection of them and shows the emotion you want to convey. A picture tells a thousand words and it will always take you back to that special time and memory. ‘The eyes are the window to the soul’, so look for a photo that reflects that.

Also consider if you need a front on or side on photograph to suit the chosen artwork design. If you’re having trouble choosing one, please include 3 options and I will let you know which one will work best.

Can you do portraits for children that have passed away?

Yes, I receive a lot of requests for little angels and consider it a privilege to complete these. Please head over to my  Angels Portraits page here to find out more. 

Can you do a drawing from a combination of photos?

To ensure accuracy and fulfil your expectations, I work from only one photo. Once I email the approval drawing through, you get a chance to make changes – which is rarely necessary. 

Check above, on how to choose the perfect photo x

How can I be kept up to date with new artwork, designs and specials?

Sign up to join the One Sonny Day family here. Please save my email into your contacts or it may end up in your SPAM folder. You can also follow me on Instagram or Facebook where you will often see designs and new work. 

Do you do framing?

No, however custom portraits are designed to fit into standard size 30x40cm frames if you don’t have the budget for professional framing. I like to use the 40x50cm frames so it has a mat board around the outside of the portrait.

I like the Ikea Ribba and Mossebo frames but you will also find frames to fit from places like Kmart, Country Road, Target, Big W, Spotlight etc.

What is the embossing technique you mention?

Embossing is an exquisite printing technique dating back to the 1400’s.  It involves creating either a raised or recessed relief image and design in the paper. I work with precious pieces of antique, European laces that I 'press' into beautiful French paper- a truly exquisite marriage of textures.

The rarity, history and romanticism of the antique laces are forever captured – preserved in time on beautiful paper. Whilst difficult to translate through a photograph, embossed paper reflects a beautiful light, texture and detail- such beauty within simplicity.

How long is the custom portrait process?

It usually takes 4-6 weeks from when it is started until it is completed. Once I have your order you will receive a welcome email outlining the process and the dates for your cycle. If you would like a particular date then let me know and I will try to accommodate you if I can.

What about postage?

Artworks are carefully packaged and sent in a protective envelope. Postage via Registered Mail is free for Australian orders over $100. It is $25 for Worldwide postage outside of Australia.

If you need your artwork for a special occasion, I will try my hardest but there are no guarantees. Please make sure you order and complete payment in time- allow at least 5-7 days for payment to clear.  I post on Fridays. Australia Post times do vary and we cannot take responsibility for postage delays.

What’s the difference between a custom portrait and a print?

A custom portrait is an original artwork – designed, hand drawn, hand embossed and hand painted from the photograph you have provided. It is a meticulous, time consuming process utilising various print making and painting techniques which result in a one-of-a-kind artwork capturing the essence of your child- a keepsake to treasure forever.

Our Fine Art prints are reproductions of artworks with  generic faces. There are many types of prints that vary greatly in levels of quality. Most prints are typically printed in large volume on less expensive paper at places like officeworks.  One Sonny Day prints are fine art prints and are professionally printed on beautiful 300gsm European paper. It is acid free and only archival inks have been used, ensuring it will last for a 100 years. Each print is individually hand embossed. Fine art prints capture every nuance of an original and have gained wide acceptance from artists and galleries throughout the world.

Why haven’t I received any emails from you?

Cyberspace likes to steal my  emails sometimes so check your SPAM folder and add my email to your contacts list to avoid this. Email if you still cant see any.